Vietnam coal industry is invested about 269 000 billion

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Vietnam coal industry is invested about 269 000 billion. This is the content given in the capital investment plan for the coal industry until 2030. On average, the coal industry is invested 17,934 billion VND.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) said that the goal of the coal industry development plan is to 2020, by 2030, to build Vietnam’s coal industry into a highly competitive and technologically advanced industry. with areas in all stages of exploration, exploitation, screening, processing and use of coal. Provide enough coal for domestic use, especially coal for power generation

The demand for investment capital for the coal industry is estimated at VND 269,003 billion by 2030, an average of VND 17,934 billion per year. The investment capital for development of the coal industry under the planning is expected to be arranged from the sources of own capital, commercial loans, preferential loans, mobilization through the securities market and other lawful capital sources.

According to calculations, the demand for coal in 2020 is about 86.4 million tons, in 2025 about 121.5 million tons and in 2030 about 156.6 million tons. In particular, the largest demand is thermal power, with the use of 2020 of 64.1 million tons; By the year 2025, about 96.5 million tons and by 2030 about 131 million tons.

The master plan clearly defines the direction to meet domestic consumption demand, thereby gradually reducing exports and actively seeking imported coal to meet domestic demand, especially coal for power generation.

For the electricity sector, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that it would improve the quality of electricity supply system to meet the electricity demand of the coal industry, applying synchronous solutions to save electricity.

To implement this master plan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will focus on solutions to ensure long-term supply of coal such as boosting exploration of the Northeast coal basin to upgrade coal reserves, boosting the investigation and evaluation of coal. raw coal in the Red River basin, actively negotiating with coal exporting countries in the world to sign long-term coal import contracts, apply advanced methods in the field of resource management and protection resources, control from the exploitation, transportation, processing, consumption.

Along with that are measures to diversify the mobilization of capital. Promote investment, strengthen cooperation-linkages, diversify training methods. Promote research, receive transfer ownership technology.

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