Bad habits of eating cause colonic inflammation

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Eating too much can cause colonic inflammation. Here are some mistakes in eating and drinking that people get colon inflammation.

Only eat foods that are good

The dishes such as thin porridge, lean meat porridge, boiled vegetables, meat stew, meat rim, steamed meat, sesame salt, peanut salt … are the food that people eat often and very limited eating beef, duck, fish, shrimp, crab, snail … so the body is deficient, nutritional imbalance. As a matter of fact, if people eat pork only and eat less poultry and seafood, they do not have enough essential amino acids for their bodies and important minerals.

Do not dare eat a variety of foods, fruits, vegetables at the same time for fear of abdominal pain, go out. The abstinence over time leads to lack of substance, malnutrition, body weakness, fatigue, sluggishness, gradually withered, resistance to decline, emerged to other diseases. Therefore, the disease is not only exacerbated but also exacerbated.

Never eat fish

Fish is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, especially those that contain very healthy saturated fatty acids such as omega 3, especially marine fish. But colon inflammation is almost complete with fish, so the lack of nutrition makes the body more and more exhausted.

colonic inflammation

No added soluble fiber

People with colitis are less likely to eat raw vegetables, fruits, vegetables and vegetables when they are afraid of eating in the colon and rubbing against ulcers easily relapse without knowing that in the vegetables. Contains plenty of soluble fiber – is a food for growing bacteria. Should not provide enough food as the reduction of bacteria, causing imbalance of intestinal microorganism, causing more digestive disorder.

More dangerous, not eaten full of fresh vegetables and fruits will be severe vitamin deficiency weakened resistance. In particular, deficiency of vitamin B group (which is the food for the brain) leading to depression, the stress of eating deadly series also makes digestive disorders severe.

The secret to support the treatment of colitis in the Japanese

The secret to supporting the treatment of Japanese colitis is simple. It is a persistent supplement of bacteria, especially Bifidobacterium Bifidum (Bifido), which is the main bacterium that occupies more than 90% of the gut flora and colonies mainly from the intestinal bacteria. To regenerate the protective layer of the colon and balance the intestinal microflora to help digestion stable, normal.

However, most microbial in the market does not bring live bacteria into the intestines, because Bifido benefits are very sensitive to stomach acid, should be killed almost completely when passing here. .

Knowing the importance of Bifido for supporting the treatment of colitis, Jintan Japan’s inventors developed the Bifina probiotics using SMC (Seamless Micro) Capsule – Bifido live capsules in spherical water droplet capsules, a double coated film that is resistant to stomach acid.

Thanks to this unique technology, the Bifido Bacteria in the colon has a survival rate of over 90%, which helps to balance the intestinal microflora, improves the digestive disorders and simultaneously regenerates the double protective barrier. To overcome the recurrence, to eat well, not to abstain, bring the patient back to normal life. Bifina enamel product from Japan’s longest-established pharmaceutical company – Morishita Jintan, with 126 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and innovation.

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