The phosphate minerals, those containing the PO4 radical, have always been interesting to me.  This radical, with a negative three charge, is about the about the same size as the arsenate (AsO4) and vanadate (VO4) radicals and some minerals are involved in a solid solution relationship (see numerous previous posts). Members of the group also seem to have an affinity for the hydroxide ion, OH. Most of the phosphate minerals, with the exception of the apatite group, are rare or at least uncommon.  The phosphate radical also commonly attaches to metallic ions and produces, for example, wavellite and variscite (aluminum), turquoise (copper and aluminum), strengite (iron),  rockbridgeite (ironRead More →

The other day I was reading a copy of the Mineralogical Record, a mineral magazine (actually more like a professional journal) that is issued bimonthly and is the most authoritative and widely respected mineral collector’s journal in the world; no serious advanced collector would be without it (  I did notice that Wendell Wilson, the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher since ~1977, continues to publish an outstanding magazine with beautiful color photos. My mind often goes in interesting directions and I decided to see if a mineral was named after the Editor.  Sure enough, wendwilsonite was named in 1987 for a hydrated calcium magnesium arsenate (contains the AsO4 radical)—Ca2Mg(AsO4)2-2H2O.  In reading descriptions of the mineralRead More →

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